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About Us

Our Goal 
Our goal is to be the world's #1 soccer superstore, where you can be confident in knowing that you're receiving quality merchandise at the lowest prices in the market. 

Our Roots 
Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Soccer-Mall started in 2000 by the Shams family. They later expanded their physical store into an online community by 2002, and they renamed their online division to SoccerCart.com.   Their vision was to provide customers with unmatched customer service, insanely low prices, and astounding hospitality. Of course, they knew that there were a variety of shops that sold the same soccer equipment - Nike, Adidas, Puma, Kelme, Under Armour, Reusch, and so on.  But the vision that SoccerCart.com had in mind would set them apart from all the other soccer stores in the nation. They pushed for excellence, and they always wanted to hear customers say, "I'll be back!" 

Our Community 
Since the beginning, SoccerCart.com has worked with the community to promote athleticism at all levels and to educate players, families, and coaches about the exciting, friendship-building game of soccer. We wanted to encourage sports in our community, and we wanted to provide affordable merchandise so everyone is able to play. We have always stood by our mantra, "No player is ever left behind!" 

Our Team 
We have a bright team that is always very willing to help you. From the beginning, Soccer-Mall/SoccerCart.com has only hired soccer players and knowledgeable soccer Sales individuals (so we know what we're talking about!). All of our employees play soccer and we're all in this for the love of the game. So give us a call! We'll be able to help you find exactly what you're looking for. 

Customer Service Department 
(602) 953-0020 
E-Mail: support@soccercart.com 

Hours of Operation (PST)
Monday  12 Noon-8PM
Tuesday-Friday:  10AM-8PM 
Saturday:  10AM-6PM
Sunday:  11AM-5PM