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Juventus FC Replica Soccer

Juventus FC Replica Soccer

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Juventus is Italian for youth because it was founded by college students in the 19th century. This is ironic because they are often refered to as the OLD LADY. They are about as distinguished as it gets as far as soccer teams go. They have over 50 trophies. They are from Turin and don the famous white and black stripes. Serie A, which is the top pro soccer division in Italy, is the domestic league they are part of. Their technical sponsor is Nike. We are an official carrier of Nike. Customization: If you want a name and/or number on the officially licensed products you buy here at Soccercart.com, we would be more than happy to do that for you. You have the option of getting our personal customization, or you may get the authentic customization. The authentic comes with the official crest in the numbers and can only be completed by the manufacturer. This option is about twice the price of our personal customization. Our personal customization includes the same design and text font as the authentic; however the numbers do not bear the official crest. Whatever your choice is, we are fully capable of fulfilling your needs and would be happy to do so.